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When it came to movie collectibles Rambo Knives was a category of its own. The popularity of the knives that were used in this Sylvester Stallone action film series was not attributed to the fact that these were props used in the movie alone. They became even more sought after because of the story behind these knives, including how they were handpicked by Sylvester Stallone himself and how they were made by particular knife makers and how each knife varied in design in each film in the series.

The movie Rambo was based off a novel by David Morrell published in 1972. It was then turned into a movie by Carolco Pictures in 1980, but with a couple of changes. Unlike the book where Rambo did not have a knife and died in the end, the main character in the movie (played by Stallone) carried with him a large survival knife which eventually became as famous as the actor who fashioned it.

Stallone himself was a knife enthusiast, which is most like why he personally approached knife makers Jimmy Lile and Gil Hibben to design and produce the custom knives used in the movies. It was Jimmy Lile who designed and made the first two of the series while Gil Hibben did the same for the third and fourth.

Lile's first design was the Original Rambo Knife for the "First Blood" movie. It had 14 saw teeth and was designed with the thought of what a person would need in a survival knife in mind. When the knife for the second movie was approved with its being slightly larger than the first, it was dubbed as the "Mission", after the title of part II of the series. Soon enough the Rambo II Knife - Non Signature Edition went out on the market for enthusiasts.

When Stallone was not satisfied with Lile's designs for the third movie, Gil Hibben came into the picture and designed and made the knives for the third and fourth film, which became the bases for the Rambo III Movie Knife - 20th Anniversary Edition and the Rambo 4 Movie Knife - Standard Edition, respectively. Nevertheless, all versions of the Rambo movie knives were very popular to any collectors.

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